Why Not Advocate Packaging Carton Large Watermark Printing?

- Dec 07, 2017-

Carton customers often hear such words, "not recommended for large-area printing" or "can not do large-scale printing", which is why?

First, large-area printing increases production costs. First, the amount of printing plates and ink increases. This directly increases the production costs. Second, the rejection rate will increase, indirectly increasing the cost.

Second, the relatively high demand for cardboard, cardboard factory raw material levels are not the same, resulting in a cardboard transparent flute, flute, flute, will affect the printing of cardboard. Then choose a better cardboard does not work? This I understand a bit, the cardboard by the humidity of the weather, glue more or less the impact, there will be uneven cardboard, and a slight uneven, cardboard factory is not returned.

Third, the strict requirements of the printing press. In this case, the general carton printing machinery about 200,000. Can make a good large-area printing presses about 8 million or so.