What Is The Difference Between White Cardboard And Copper Paper?

- Dec 07, 2017-

White cardboard optimistic about the market in China. In the past, most white cardboards used in many foreign-related hotels and joint ventures in China were imported from abroad. Today, the rise of Ningbo Zhonghua Paper has changed the state of imported paper to rule the Chinese white cardboard market. Ningbo Zhonghua Paper bleaching chemical pulp, first-class processing equipment and advanced technology, therefore, the finished product quality is extremely sophisticated, comparable with imported products, while the price is far lower than the imported products.

Single copper surface light, uniform coating, ink quickly with good printability, suitable for sophisticated color printing. For the purpose of exquisite printing, the surface of the base paper to be applied to paint processing, and super calendar calender general coated paper.

Double copper paper is divided into single-sided and double-coated coated paper, according to Japanese paper classification standards on each side of the coating amount of about 10g / m2 or more, for the current cultural publishing, advertising design, printing and binding and the most commonly used in business One of the species.