Corrugated Paper Printing With Water-based Ink Points Of Attention

- Dec 07, 2017-

Water-based ink used in corrugated printing, in foreign countries for quite some time, has also been in the country more than two decades. Corrugated paper printing by the lead, offset, rubber water washable printing, the development of flexible letterpress water-based ink printing. Flexographic flexographic water-based ink also developed from rosin - maleic acid modified resin series to acrylic resin series.

Water-based ink use precautions

1. Before use should be fully stirred to keep the composition of ink evenly;

2. After opening the ink should be closed immediately after use to prevent dust falling and crust dry solid;

3, such as residual ink should be first filtered, matched with new ink used together;

4. Avoid getting hot or sun exposure during storage. Under normal conditions can be stored for one year without deterioration;

5. If you find that the viscosity of the application ink slightly larger, you can add some water for adjustment.