What Is The Difference Between Baking Paper, Tin Foil And Oiled Paper?

- Mar 27, 2018-

The woven paper and tin foil can withstand high temperatures, while the oil paper is not resistant to high temperatures.

The three uses are different:

Baking paper is used to bake cookies, puffs and the like under the mat; oil paper is mainly used to cover the top, do squeeze bags; tin foil is mainly used in hot dishes, when the board bake food to avoid coloring, package use.

【Tin Paper】

The thermal conductivity of tin foil is very good and it has a tight seal. When baking some recipes of meat or vegetables, wrap the ingredients in tin foil to lock the water well and leave the food fresh and tender. When baking cookies or bread, tin foil can also be used to prevent sticking. When baking meat, we can also take the tin pad to receive grease at the bottom of the pan to facilitate cleaning the pan.

[oil paper]

Oil paper is a siliconized high-temperature baking paper. When baking cookies, place them on a baking sheet to prevent the cookies from sticking. A small amount of oil that overflows and sticks to the baking sheet is also better cleaned. A piece of oil paper can be used repeatedly for two or three times. If the paper is discolored or has a lot of residue, it should be replaced. If you buy the cake mold, the anti-sticking effect of the toast box is rather poor, and the mold release is inconvenient. The oil paper can be cut into an appropriate size and placed inside the mold to facilitate the release of the finished product. In addition, when making Chinese dim sum such as steamed stuffed buns, steamed buns, etc., it is also possible to paddle with a pad of oil paper, which also serves as an anti-sticking effect.


The tarpaulin is a siliconized high temperature resistant fiber cloth. The tarpaulin's anti-sticking effect is better than tin foil and oil paper. It can be used repeatedly and is very convenient for cleaning. It is a good helper for baking bread and biscuits. When used directly on the baking sheet can be, do not need to sprinkle flour or oil, take care not to fold. High-quality tarpaulins sell at a higher price. There are many inferior tarpaulins on the market for sale. Attention should be paid to identifying authenticity and identifying a reliable brand.