How To Choose Rice Paper?

- Mar 26, 2018-

First, choose paper: You should be a beginner, simply said: thin paper should be painted, thick paper should book; single Xuan Yi painting, clip Xuan Yi book. But not absolute, there are personal preferences.

Second, characteristics:

1. Cotton: Straw-based, supplemented by sandalwood bark, paper soft, soft and moist, suitable for general painting and calligraphy, but paper is thin and should not be overly heavy.

2. Special net skin: the main raw material of sandalwood bark, supplemented with a small amount of straw, the paper is tough, soft, suitable for books should draw, Anhui produced special net list in 1979 won the national gold medal. It eats even ink, cares ink, and marks. The painting has a clear and distinct style and is brightly colored. It is easy to control the brushstrokes with a small brushstroke. The ink is bright and durable when it is used for calligraphy.

3. Net skin single declaration: second only to the special net skin, its nature and the use of effects with the basic net skin is basically the same. The difference is that the straw content is slightly higher and the hand feels softer.

Third, the paper selection: selection of rice paper, there should be a certain amount of paper knowledge, in general, should pay attention to a few points:

1. Seeing - good paper is not necessarily white, too white shows that too much brightener, is not conducive to long-Tibet; white paper but not dazzling, reflective soft; can not have grass stems, sand, cracks, holes, other attachments.

2. Hand feel - smooth, delicate, uniform thickness, smooth and resistance.

3. Shake the paper - soft and not brittle. If there are crackling noises and feel stiff, it is by no means a good paper.

4. Ink test paper - good paper reaction: fast to eat ink, uniform diffusion, ink edges without jaggies, and then the second time, after the ink dry, distinct, ink clear, two ink dots in the middle of a thin white .