What Are The Types Of Paper

- Mar 28, 2018-

Several paper names:

Pressure-sensitive paper, asphalt kraft paper, paraffin paper, polyethylene coated paper, irregular polypropylene moisture-proof kraft paper, cellophane, polyethylene processed glass paper, vinyl chloride processing paper, printing adhesive paper, paper rope, paper tape (for packaging) , kraft paper bags for cement packaging, stretchable kraft paper bags, aluminum foil waterproof packaging paper, fiber-reinforced kraft paper bags, cloth bags, jute bags, kraft paper liners, synthetic resin bags, kraft paper bags for sweet potato starch packaging, and kraft paper bags for potato starch packaging , volatile anti-corrosion paper, paper size, sandpaper, sand paper, absorbent paper, absorbent paper, absorbent paper, accounting paper, computer paper, acid-free paper, acid-resistant paper, sound insulation paper, silver bromide printing paper , moisture absorbing paper, computer paper, address label paper, adhesive paper, advertising paper, stencil sticker, imitation marble paper, imitation agate marble paper, anti-aging paper, aviation letter paper, name card paper, photo album paper, protein adhesive tape , protein adhesive tape, map paper, alkali-resistant paper, cotton fiber paper, all wood pulp paper, imitation crocodile paper, Spanish straw pulp printing paper, aluminum paper, aluminum liner paper, aluminum coated paper Aluminum powder paper, aluminum foil liner paper, aluminum foil sandwich paper, amber striped paper, cartridge paper, frequency sensitive recording paper, analytical filter paper, bevel paper, oblique cross-section paper, bevel paper, animal glue surface sizing paper, acid-proof paper , acid-proof manila paper, anti-corrosion paper, anti-counterfeiting paper, mildew paper, rust-proof paper, rust-proof base paper, anti-rust paper, low-gloss paper, antique paper, antique book paper, sterilization paper, glossy paper, watercolor drawing paper, Archival paper, insulating paper, perfume paper, arsenical paper, art paper, art decoration paper, watercolor paper, art advertising paper, art paper, dental paper, dental paper, artificial leather paper, imitation parchment, asbestos paper, asbestos (Electrical) insulating paper, sterilized paper, anti-corrosion paper, ashless paper, ash-free filter paper, moisture-proof paper, asphalt paper, asphalt base paper, anti-surgas paper, map paper, color printing paper, pressure-sensitive carbon paper, commemorative paper, automatic Line) recording paper, copy paper, car bag paper, copy paper, photocopy paper, food packaging paper, blue striped writing paper, book lining paper, paper paste, bacon wrapping paper, (paper) bag paper, bagasse pulp paper, impregnation Insulation paper, dip Insulating paper, bread paper, laminated balancing paper, single-side asphalt wrapping paper, balloon paper, Bowerstang paper, bamboo pulp paper, bandage paper, advanced writing paper, banknote paper, table paper, haircut headrest paper, Anti-permeation paper, stumbling floor paper, base paper, bullet cartridges, bast paper, advanced letter paper, waxed decorative paper, battery paper, waxed decorative paper, zigzag cardboard, bed wrapping paper, beer filter paper, Sandwich paper, dictionary paper, absorbent paper

Accounting paper, glossy advertising paper, automatic recording paper, binding paper, bio paper, biscuit wrapping paper, crayon paper, album black backing paper, moisture-proof paper, air defense paper, scraper coated paper, blank book paper, blanket bag paper , blank book paper, ammunition paper, miner paper, bleach-resistant paper, fresh meat wrapping paper, blotting paper, blue wax paper, blue printing paper, printing paper, blue tracing paper, cover paper, single-sided Photo paper, yarn tube paper, tray paper, base paper, coating base paper, imitation paper, bond paper, advanced writing paper, book paper, book paper, bottle paper, calender roll paper, carton paste paper, Boxed writing paper, Braille printing paper, bread bag paper, bread label paper, glossy paper, koji paper, embossed paper, booklet printing paper, carbon paper, card paper, polar chart recording paper, electrocardiogram recording paper.