The Technological Process Of Traditional Pulp

- Feb 13, 2018-

Traditional pulp refers to the use of chemical methods, mechanical methods or a combination of both methods, the plant fiber raw material into a bleached or bleached pulp production process. The commonly used process is to pulverize plant fiber raw materials, cooking, washing, screening, bleaching, purification, drying. Modern development of a biological pulp method, the first special strains (white rot fungi, brown rot fungi, soft rot fungus) specifically directed decomposition of lignin structure, supplemented by mechanical or chemical methods to dissociate the remaining cellulose , Followed by bleaching. In this process, the organism has been decomposed and most of the lignin is opened. The chemical method is just an auxiliary effect. The chemical products used are very few compared with the traditional methods, so the waste can be discharged with little or no discharge. , Clean the pulp method.