The Knowledge Of Washi

- Feb 12, 2018-

Japanese paper is characterized by longer than the foreign fibers, texture is thin, but more tough, and longer life expectancy is also very good. But because of low output, so the price is high.

Japanese paper is used for relics repair all over the world. It is used for many special purposes such as Japanese painting and woodcut using its 1000 years of preservation and strong softness. At the same time as part of the handicraft materials, furniture, materials and other use. Edo era in Japan mass production, in addition to doors and windows partition fan, but also for kimono and bedding.

In daily life is used to make banknotes.

The first step in papermaking is to cook the raw material in a large pot and cook the contents other than the fiber in the raw material. Then it is to pick out the hard fibers and impurities in the raw materials by hand, which requires great patience. The quality of paper depends mainly on the first two processes. The third process is to beat the fiber hard to make it appear as a slurry, which is the only place to use the machine. Pulp well, to join the sticky material, and then began a unique way of making paper --- "flow filtration." The tool used for "flow filtration" is a horizontal wooden frame with bamboo curtains at the bottom. Craftsmen flat horizontal wooden frame, use it in the filter cylinder 掬 take pulp, while shaking around, so that uniform bamboo sticky pulp. After reaching the desired thickness, remove the crossbar from the filter bowl and spread the filtered pulp over a wooden board with a layer of cloth between each two layers of pulp and allow to soak in the sun. Another layer of the uncovering, finally dried to be successful. "Flow filtration" papermaking method is an important point is that when the filter tank where the pulp is small, it is timely to add, and finally remove the excess pulp, which is to prevent the surface of the paper stained with impurities, and the traditional Chinese " Filtration "the biggest difference between papermaking lies in this.