The Production Process Of Parchment Paper

- Feb 26, 2018-

Parchment is soaked in lime water by sheepskin, off the wool, and then scraping thin on both sides, stretch drying, grinding, has become this new writing material. The parchment's English name, Parchment, came from the city's name. The sheepskin booklets, called manuscripts, and then booked into a book, so that the sheep can be passed on to future generations of classics.

Today's parchment is mainly made of plants. Parchment is a transparent, advanced wrapping paper, also known as sulfuric acid paper. It is a sheepskin base paper treated with sulfuric acid obtained after a modified paper. It is a kind of high-strength paper, usually made of rag or chemical wood pulp. Without any filler and rubber compound in the manufacturing process, the absorbent paper of parchment is good and the tissue is even. As parchment after sulfuric acid treatment, so parchment strength is very good, is widely used in machinery parts, instruments, chemicals and other industrial products and food, pharmaceuticals, disinfection materials and other packaging used.