The Knowledge Of Special Paper

- Feb 09, 2018-

1 carbonless paper carbonless paper manufacturing This paper did not use carbon copy carbon composition so named it carbonless carbonless paper referred to as carbon paper. The reason that carbon-free copy paper is classified as specialty paper is because paper has a special structure. Carbonless paper is generally divided into upper, middle and lower sheets of paper There are three different layers of paper on each sheet of paper. This is the second addition of chemicals that conventional plain paper did not have. For example, non-carbon paper need to prepare microcapsules using leuco dye, developer and so on plain paper but just add general chemicals such as rosin gum, modified starch on the third, the special processing technology. Non-carbon paper smear operations vary according to different surface layers need to go through multiple smear and processing technology is more difficult. Plain paper sometimes does not have to be processed separately for the fourth application area. Most carbon-free paper for financial and financial, aerospace, electronic communications, defense and other military departments.

2 special books and printing paper It is generally believed that publications can not be separated from offset printing offset paper, offset printing paper, coated paper and the like. However, due to the rapid development of printing technology and the multi-media competition, many advanced printing paper names such as Mengken paper, embossed paper and the like have become new choices in the book publishing industry. These special paper products suitable for special printing / packaging variety of names quickly squeezed into the book publishing industry to break the original "printing paper" dominate the world and the standard version of the old set for the special art paper arrogance so that a new look books to attract more readers And collectors.