The Knowledge Of Newspaper

- Mar 09, 2018-

Newsprint, also called white paper, is the main paper for newspapers and books. Applicable to newspapers, periodicals, textbooks, comics and other text paper. The characteristics of newsprint include: light, light and good elasticity; good ink-absorbing performance, which ensures that the ink can be firmly fixed on the paper. After the paper is smoothed, both sides are smooth and lint-free, so that the two sides of the print are relatively clear and full; there is a certain degree of mechanical strength; opacity is good; suitable for high-speed rotary printing.

Newsprint is produced with mechanical pulp (or other chemical pulp) as raw material, containing a lot of lignin and other impurities, and should not be stored for a long time. If the storage time is too long, the paper will become yellow and brittle, and the water resistance is poor, so writing is not appropriate. Must use printed ink or book ink, the ink viscosity should not be too high, the lithography must strictly control the layout of moisture. Because the raw materials used are mainly mechanical pulp, containing essential elements and impurities, the paper should not be stored for a long time and it is easily damaged.