The Classify Of Paper

- Mar 08, 2018-

Many varieties of paper, classification methods are inconsistent. There are three kinds of habit classification methods.

① according to the mode of production is divided into manual paper and mechanical paper. Hand-made papers are mainly hand-operated. They are made by using the screen nets and manually made by hand. Soft texture, strong water absorption, suitable for ink writing, painting and printing, such as China's rice paper. The share of paper output is small. Mechanism paper refers to the mechanized production of paper collectively, such as printing paper, wrapping paper.

② according to the thickness and weight of the paper is divided into paper and cardboard. There is no strict distinction between the two. Paper weighing less than 200 g per square meter is generally referred to as paper,  more than 200 g is referred to as paper board. Cardboard paper production accounts for about 40 ~ 50% of the total, mainly for commodity packaging, such as cardboard boxes, cardboard and other packaging. Internationally, statistics are usually made on paper and paperboard separately.

③ According to the purpose, it is divided into: newsprint, which is a kind of special printing paper mainly used for press and publication. Because of its large proportion, it is customary to separate printing paper and writing paper for printing and writing, including drawing and drawing Paper; wrapping paper; technical paper (industrial and agricultural technical paper); sanitary paper; processing base paper for further processing paper; cardboard; paper processing.