The Knowledge Of Fruit Bag Paper

- Mar 05, 2018-

Fruit bag paper, also known as fruit bag paper, is a kind of special paper used for fruit bagging, which can effectively reduce the fruit pests and diseases and prevent the pesticide residues on the fruit surface, making the fruit more delicious.

Fruit bag paper is a green product, has replaced the era of plastic film, the paper has good air permeability, anti-aging and water resistance. Large tree planting area has been widely used, by the farmers of praise!

At present, there are many types of fruit bags in apple production and application in China. Produced from the fruit bag on the production of wood pulp paper, straw pulp paper, kraft paper, newspapers, non-woven fabrics, plastics and so on. Divided from the source of paper bags: a domestic paper, paper imports. According to fruit bag transparent or not, but also can be divided into light-transmissive bags and sunscreen bags, sunshade bags and single-layer sunshade bags and double sucker bags, translucent bags are also divided into single and double translucent bags. From the outer bag on the color points: a gray, gray-green, yellow and so on. The inner color of the outer bag is usually black or dark brown. The color of the inner bag is usually red and blue and so on.