Oilproof Paper Market Status Quo

- Jan 17, 2018-

Oilproof paper market status quo

First, the market overview

Food wrapping paper series include: chopsticks bag paper (divided into the paper on the quality of finished paper, single-sided wrapping paper), candy wrapping paper, high, medium and low anti-oil paper (including high-grade anti-oil paper can replace imported for microwave explosion Popcorn special paper, mid-range anti-oil paper can be used for all kinds of oily food wrapping paper and paper bags), bag-type mouth cup paper, milk bag paper, laminating base paper and a variety of food wrapping paper, paper towels and other products; A black watermark paper, white water paper, black and white watermark paper and other traditional security paper.

Second, the market size

1, to develop paper-based packaging and printing products

Focus on the development of low weight, high strength, lightweight high-grade wrapping paper, folding cartons, gifts, color direction. The first is to fold the carton-based paper products packaging will have greater room for development, followed by the application of multi-layer cardboard composite materials more widely.

2, vigorously develop the paper and plastic packaging

Paper and plastics are the two most widely used materials in the packaging and printing industry and will co-exist over the long term. Paper packaging plays an increasingly important role in many areas of food, medicine, nutraceuticals, dairy products, cosmetics, cleaning products and more.

3, pollution-free green packaging more and more social attention

China's anti-oil paper packaging and printing enterprises are moving in a healthy and orderly direction.