Simple Wrapping Paper

- Jan 18, 2018-

I bought a pack of student notebooks many years ago. I started to run out of paper. I accidentally left a piece of wrapping paper. Through concise printing, I saw that it was specially printed on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Beijing Department Store Building in 1985. Wrapping paper can be said to be relatively rough, printed with short-lived above the second simplified words, only orange, black, two sets of colors, although simple, and now I see this wrapping paper is still filled with emotion. Thirty-three years have passed and earth-shaking changes have taken place in Beijing.

Opened in September 1955, the Beijing department store, hailed as "No.1 Store in New China," was renamed Wangfujing Department Store of Beijing Department Store in July 1968 and changed its name now. It is the "window" of the product display of that era. In the period of planned economy in which commodities are in short supply, they should be the most complete and diversified retail enterprises in China at that time. They are the real "department stores" in the minds of ordinary people. They cover all aspects of the basic necessities of life: needles and brains, washbasins, toiletries, candies Cakes, tobacco and alcohol sugar tea, canned preserved fruits, hardware tools and small appliances, bicycles, radios, sewing machines ranging; second floor of the stationery, cloth fur, clothing shoes and hats, watches and clocks instruments is dazzling. People who live in Beijing know that if you can not buy anything in a department store, you go anywhere.

At that time, the goods were all unifiedly distributed by the state. There was a shortage of supplies and nervousness in buying anything. The purchase of food by means of votes, such as the purchase of snacks, the ticket of the snacks, the ticket of some snacks, and the industrial vouchers of some commodities. In the morning before opening the door, the department store was full of people in front of it. At 9 o'clock in the morning, people poured into the mall like a tide of water. Terrazzo floor in the building, the stairs, in order to prevent slippery inlaid copper bar is raised, over time were polished. The department store became a place where people from all over the country went shopping in Beijing. It was not just a department store of Pekingese, but also a department store of the people across the country. At that time there is not a wide variety of shopping bags, the size of the package have to buy paper packets. Go home to the printed "Beijing Department Store" wrapping paper items to the table, is definitely the most worthy of show off from the capital of the gift, but also to go to Beijing the best "evidence." Nowadays shopping malls around the row upon row, the department store in the far-away county than the Department Store goods rich. Online shopping is what you want to buy, the material is extremely rich, we enjoy the richness of life, but how could not find the year shopping in the department store rejoicing, satisfaction.