Cigarette Paper Classification

- Jan 16, 2018-

Cigarette industrial paper can be divided into cigarette paper, filter stick roll paper, taping paper and packaging paper.

Cigarette paper products for the disk-shaped, it is also known as paper. Special paper for the production of cigarettes branch, made of natural fibers such as hemp pulp or mixed with wood pulp and calcium carbonate and other fillers, but also with a small amount of additives. Appearance is generally white. There are two kinds of rib and no rib. Requires a low degree of transparency of the paper, even without blisters, no smell, good flammability, high tensile strength and gray after burning white and adhesion. Cigarette paper can be made of different natural breathability. Natural air permeability is measured in units of CORESTA (ie, the number of milliliters of air permeable per square centimeter of area under a pressure differential of 1000 Pa). Within a certain range, the natural air permeability can increase the static burning rate and the dilution rate of flue gas, reduce the tar in the flue gas transmission. Artificially perforated cigarette paper leads to a slow rate of static burn, less effective in reducing the amount of tar in each cigarette smoke. Rolled cigar-type cigarette and more cigarette paper.

Filter rod roll paper filter bag filter when a special type of paper used to require higher strength, with drilling dilution, the need for high air permeability.

Tipping paper, also known as Baotou paper, tipping paper, used to link the cigarette branch and filter, and to prevent smoking when the lips damp cigarette branch role. Color imitation cork, white or other colors. Sub-ordinary taping paper, mechanical, electrostatic or laser drilling paper, and so on. All manufacturing materials must not contain any harmful substances.

Packaging paper for the packaging of tobacco products, its main role is to reduce the loss of aroma of tobacco products and water changes, and easy to store, transport and sale. Packaging tobacco products are aluminum foil, transparent paper, cigarette paper, paper packets, moisture-proof paper and corrugated cardboard manufacturing cardboard boxes.