Corrugated Full-length Printing Need To Pay Attention To What

- Dec 07, 2017-

Corrugated cardboard in the printing, corrugated board is through the printing paper guide roller, the printing roller is passed to the groove forming part of the cardboard in the transmission process by the roller pressure, the physical properties of varying degrees of change, will inevitably affect To carton strength. Full-page printing is particularly prominent, the same material compared with no printing of the carton, the intensity should be reduced by about 30%.

Therefore full version of the printing production process to be very careful, can take the following measures to alleviate:

First, the proper adjustment of the gap between the printing paper guide rollers, to be printed through the board without deformation is appropriate (slightly less than the thickness of cardboard 0.1-0.15mm best);

Second, the plate pressure adjustment to meet the printing clarity, box surface without depression, can be flat;

Thirdly, increase the printing speed of the printing machine appropriately (1000 rev / min), make the cardboard pass the printing machine as soon as possible, reduce the pressure time of the cardboard.