Corrugated Cardboard Directly Offset Characteristics

- Dec 07, 2017-

Direct offset technology corrugated cardboard with the new fine corrugated board, a special blanket and ink development success and maturity. Offset printing in our country is the most widely used, the most mature technology, a printing method, the printing quality is widely recognized by everyone, I believe this direct printing offset printing method will become a market in our country a very strong appeal of the processing means. However, this new technology is currently only applicable to fine corrugated cardboard, especially G-type and F-type corrugated cardboard.

The direct printing of corrugated board has the advantages of high production efficiency, less material consumption, low production cost, large product specifications, wide range of applications, high strength of the carton, neat appearance and environmental protection, and is the main process of corrugated carton printing. The worldwide demand for this technology shows that it is gradually becoming more accepted in offset printing and flexo printing. Even in the future, flexo printing can not achieve the quality of the offset in offset printing can, because of relief printing, after all, it has its limitations. Packaging industry on the printing quality requirements continued to grow. Packaging design in the transport of fine products and the performance of external packaging to further promote the offset of corrugated cardboard.