How to solve the paper due to improper ink absorption caused by the failure

- Dec 07, 2017-

The choice of fountain solution should be very careful to test whether it has the following ingredients: buffer, plate protection agent, wetting agent, preservative, desiccant. Biocides and anti-foam agents. The buffer mainly plays a role of stabilizing the pH value of the dampening solution. Since the dampening solution solution is generally acidic, the pH value of the dampening solution will fluctuate greatly with the increase of the dosage of the neutralizing agent. The addition amount is not suitable Will affect the life of the plate (plate corrosion). In addition it also makes it difficult to dry the ink, especially with metallic pigments.

Printing process, the fountain solution has been in contact with the plate, non-graphic part of the plate (inorganic salt layer) will continue to dissolve, so that the hydrophilic plate reduced, leading to dirty version of the phenomenon. Plate protectants can continue to add dissolved inorganic salt layer to maintain the dynamic balance to ensure stable hydrophilic plate. Plate Protector also contains protective rubber, there is a temporary shutdown of the situation do not rub version.