The knowledge of Sulfate paper

- Feb 11, 2018-

Sulfate paper, also known as plate-making sulfuric acid transfer paper, is mainly used in printing and plate making industry. It has the characteristics of pure paper, high strength, good transparency, no distortion, light resistance, high temperature resistance and anti-aging. / Inkjet CAD plotter, electrostatic lithography works, laser printing, art printing, file records and so on.

Sulfuric acid paper is composed of fine plant fibers through intertwined, in the wet state after free beating, no sizing, no filler, paper, 72% concentrated sulfuric acid soak 2 ~ 3s, washed with water after glycerol, dried The formation of a hard film type material. Sulfuric acid paper solid, dense and slightly transparent, with strong resistance to oil and water infiltration, airtight, and wet strength and so on, can be waterproof, moisture, oil, sterilization, disinfection.

The main quality indicators related to printing process:

1) Quantitative: According to class 2, it is divided into third class, A class 75g / m, B class 60g / m, C class 45g / m;

2) tightness: ≥0.70g / cm;

3) split length (vertical and horizontal average): A ≥ 5000m, B ≥ 4500m, C ≥ 4000m;

4) Bursting strength: dry - A, etc. ≥ 270kPa, B, etc. ≥ 250kPa, C, etc. ≥ 230kPa; wet - A, etc. ≥ 130kPa, B, etc. ≥ 120kPa, C, etc. ≥ 110kPa;

5) oil permeability: ≤ 4 个 / 100cm;

6) pH: 7.0 ± 1.0;

7) Moisture: 6.0% ± 1.0%.