Carton packaging machinery maintenance points

- Dec 07, 2017-

First, replace the carton packaging machinery worm gearbox lubrication oil, lubricating oil can be used 10, 20 or 30 oil.

Second, the repair of all parts of the whole machine assembly, boot operation, observe the operation of the machine is normal.At the appropriate heating roller, and put a small amount of carton packaging machinery for oil, so that it melts cover the inner surface of the cylinder, and then cut off all power. Spray paint machine surface, dried with plastic sheet covered, set the dry place to save.

Third, if the chain is too loose, you can take a few sections to remove the method of adjustment, if it has been seriously stretched, it should be replaced in the use of carton machinery to be used in accordance with a certain amount of mode and principle, according to a certain way of maintenance And maintenance, timely solution to different problems, adjustment and replacement of the chain should pay attention to: chain joints spring card installation direction should be consistent with the direction of the chain operation, so as to avoid running shocks, beats, or even crash off.

Fourth, all the rolling bearings were washable, and add new grease, calcium-based grease can be used.

Fifth, remove all dirt on the friction surface, especially for the chain and sprocket to be cleaned, re-filled with oil

Carton packaging machinery maintenance and repair to a certain degree of technical staff to carry out maintenance and repair, carton machinery to ensure the quality and performance in use, in the production of cartons play an important role and value.