Automatic Spray Machine Syria green cardboard packaging design techniques

- Dec 07, 2017-

Automatic Spray Machine Syria Green cardboard packaging design skills Second: to strengthen the personality, highlighting the differences. In the dizzying commodity seafood, it is very important to strengthen the unique image of the company's product packaging to make it highly differentiated. This is the key to the life of commodities. Personalized environmental goods box: First, the quality of the product itself is different, the second is the form of the box and decorative forms of different. To strengthen individuality is to highlight the differences and differences between the product packaging boxes. To design the individuality, we must have the courage to "go against the tide" and avoid "popularization". From a new perspective, we should excavate distinctive forms of expression to make eco-friendly products Box "stand out."

Automatic Spray Machine Syria green cardboard packaging design tips three: pioneer, outstanding. In the modern society, the material conditions are increasingly rich circumstances, the customer from a good impression on the development of a particular product to a favorite, is the quality of goods and packaging art brings the meaning of quality. Successful packaging of environmentally friendly products in order to attract the attention of the marine products, it must be personalized brand, outstanding novelty shape, vivid and outstanding decorative charm to attract and impress consumers, which requires designers to be good at using Exaggeration, contrast, repetition, rhythm and other forms of regular repetition of decorative composition, strengthen visual expression.