Boxes to go through what process?

- Dec 07, 2017-

So how to use high-quality materials to solve the problem? First of all should use high-quality die-cutting knife. In the general high-end die-cutting blade, we can use a magnifying glass to observe that there are still many pores and flaws, that is, not very slippery. This is one of the causes of paper dust. In particular, the straight-cut die cutter, the surface is very sharp, but in fact more defects, the greatest chance of dust. Now on the market there is an Austrian BOHLER "Supreme Extreme Knife", the use of a special metal coating, like the wall of the same, the stomatal and blemished smooth, slippery, thus greatly reducing the paper dust generated, more suitable for Recycled paper. Friction between the knife and the paper edge is reduced, which reduces the wear on the machine, while the knife itself is more durable. This knife is most suitable for die-cutting kit, cosmetic boxes, food boxes, packets and other long version of the dust-free products.