Analysis of color box packaging color reproduction problems

- Dec 07, 2017-

For a packaging and printing companies to do a good job of color management, the need for a standard ambient light; high-quality color profile software; advanced color management system; standard measuring instruments and test tools; standard color target; standard printing Management; standard remote digital proofing color management; standard scan restore, digital camera color management; standard monitor calibration and soft screen proofing. Printing companies in the color management of the specific implementation process, the more attention to the following aspects: Meticulously do a good job printing the entire process of standardization, standardization, data production management, which is the prerequisite and basis for the application of ICC color management. Enterprises should strictly develop quality standards for fine products, paper, ink and other raw materials and equipment intact standards, measurement tools and standards for environmental light sources, the development of standardized management documents, and requires everyone in strict accordance with the standards. Display, soft proofing, printer ICC files, printing press parameters and other specifications, and in the standards and specifications for quantification, in all the places where the data can be expressed, through testing means, summed up to ensure the quality of the data. The three complement each other, interdependence, so as to ensure stable high-quality, high-efficiency production.