Methodology in the design of crates

- Dec 07, 2017-

Packaging structure design is starting from the actual conditions of packaging and production, according to the scientific principles of the package shape and structure of the internal annex design. Design must ensure that the structure has sufficient strength, hardness and ability to resist other environments. From the packaging point of view, we must consider the following two aspects, one is to protect the primary function of the product, the second is to meet the important features of modern packaging, such as transportation, processing characteristics.

Qualified carton products, starting from the correct structural design. Designers not only have to truly understand the customer's intentions, but also be familiar with the post-processing technology. Only in this way, the intention of the customer can be converted into qualified products, and to ensure the smooth processing of the subsequent order. Designers should understand the nature, shape, size, weight, contents arrangement, mode of transport, stacking mode, contents storage environment, shipping route and time, carton box and production materials etc. information.

Domestic carton design, there are some technical and guiding ideological problems, the lack of systematic analysis, which makes the design of the packaging can not meet ergonomics and technical and economic rationality and other requirements. This is reflected in the carton size design is very obvious.