The Knowledge Of Chinese Xuan Paper

- Feb 06, 2018-

Xuan paper is the traditional Chinese classic calligraphy and painting paper, is one of China's traditional paper making process. Xuan paper "began in the Tang Dynasty, produced in Jing County", because the Tang Dynasty Jingxian under the jurisdiction of Xuanzhou, so named because of the local paper, so far, has more than 1,500 years of history. 2002 Jingxian County, Xuancheng, Anhui Province was identified as the place of origin of rice paper.

Because of the easy preservation of xuan paper, durable crisp, will not fade and so on, it is "paper life Millennium" reputation. Xuan paper raw materials and there is only the green sandalwood bark and straw, Yang Teng peach sauce as a decoction essential. Xuan paper by processing methods into raw and processed paper. According to the degree of ink paper is divided into Health declared, semi-familiar declared and familiar. According to the raw material ratio is divided into cotton, net, special net skin three categories. Size according to the size of four feet, five feet, six feet, seven feet Jinbang, ruler eight screen, eight feet, Zhang two, Zhang six, etc .; according to the paper texture points a single Silk Road, double silk road, rib, moire . Xuan paper products have a white album, printed, letterhead and antique couplets and so on.

2006 rice paper making skills were included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. Xing Chunrong was designated as a representative inheritor of a national intangible cultural heritage project. September 30, 2009, traditional rice paper making skills recognized by UNESCO, included in the list of human intangible cultural heritage.