The Features Of Xuan Paper

- Feb 07, 2018-

Xuan paper is a long history of paper products, but also a special kind of paper, the use of rice paper for the creation of traditional Chinese painting has an irreplaceable role, because rice paper has the following salient features:

First, the ink is good, durable anti-aging strong, not easy to change color. This is related to the raw material fiber and technology. At present, the Museum of Chinese Imperial Palace, museums in other countries are basically preserved Xuan paper paintings.

Second, rice paper with "tough but can run, light and not slippery, white and dense, pure texture, rubbing nondestructive, strong ink" and other characteristics,

Third, a unique penetration, lubrication performance. Writing is the combination of bones and gods, painting is spirited, become the most embodies the art style of Chinese calligraphy and painting paper, the so-called "ink divided five colors," that is completed, shades of dark, texture can be seen, ink rhyme clear, structured, which is painting The use of rice paper moxibustion, control of the ink ratio, the pen has a cursory and achieved an artistic effect.

Fourth, less insects, long life expectancy. Rice paper ancient times, "the king of paper, the Millennium Shou paper" reputation. Nineteenth Century gold medal at the Panama International Paper Competition. Xuan paper in addition to painting poetry, or writing diplomatic note, save the best paper and the best historical paper. A large number of ancient books and precious books circulated in our country up till now have been still in their infancy as they are mostly preserved in rice paper. The world's calligraphy and painting paper, there is no such good quality rice paper.