Air Filter Early Effect Filter Cotton

Product Name: Air filter early effect filter cotton MOQ: 5 Tons Trial Order: Available Paper Type: Release paper Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details


Weight per unit area









Product Description

Air filter early effect filter cotton features:

1. High performance, high-strength anti-fracture polyester fiber, grade by level encryption, comb and spread hot wind production;
2. Features of high capacity dust, low resistance and strong flame retardancy;
3. Without silicon, it can resist the influence of chemical substances such as chemical solvent and acid smoke;
4. The anti-humidity reaches 100%RH, and the service life is long, which can be used repeatedly after vacuuming or cleaning.
5. Continue to 100 ℃ of heat-resistant, instantaneous heat resistance of 120 ℃
6. The filter object is composed of particles of dust and various suspended objects;
7. Roll or sheet metal, can be pressed into round, oval and other specifications according to customer requirements;


Product Application

Air filter early effect filter cotton application:

1. Air conditioning and air ventilation system;
2. Pre-filtration and homogenous flow in the air supply system as high dust exposure;
3. Pre-filtration and homogenization of air supply in spraying system and baking equipment;



Our Service

1. With high quality control, and good service;
 2. You are assured competitive and reasonable price;
 3. Prompt delivery and deliver on time;
 4. All cups are safety for food and can pass SGS test;

Packing & Shipping


Highly resistant packaging and quality seal, to guarantee the safety and quality of the product.
Primary packing: sealed plastic bag to protect the paper from humidity or moisture.
Secondary packing: carton or cardboard box to protect the paper from deformities.
Third packing: wooden box to protect the entire lot during transportation.

Shipment type:

1. Sea Freight
2. Air Cargo
3. Express delivery
4. Land Transportation

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