The Properties Of Stone Paper

- Apr 01, 2018-

Stone Paper has a density range of 1.0-1.6g/cm3, which is equal to, or slightly higher than ordinary paper, and a texture somewhat like that of the outer membrane of a boiled egg. It may be recycled with Number 2 plastics or remade into Rich Mineral Paper again, and is not biodegradable but is photo-degradable and compostible under commercial conditions. It is suitable for stationery, bags, packaging, adhesives, greaseproof paper, wrappers, containers and many other applications.

The RPD and RBD papers[when defined as?] have a number of advantages over traditional paper made from wood pulp. Stone Paper collects no static charge, is acid-free with a neutral pH, has no grain, is water, grease, and insect resistant, and tears with difficulty due to a latex-like texture.

Because it is not made from fibers, Stone Paper possesses a smoother surface than most traditional paper products, obviating the need for a coating or lamination. The source of the calcium carbonate is waste material collected from marble quarries and offcuts which are ground and reduced to fine white calcium carbonate powder. The production of Stone Paper uses no water, acid, bleach or optical brighteners. Stone Paper is compatible with inkjet or solid ink printers e.g. Offset, Letterpress, gravure, flexographic, but does not respond well to very high temperature laser printers.