The Difference Between Rice Paper And Painting Paper

- Dec 07, 2017-

The difference between paper packaging paper and calligraphy and painting paper, calligraphy and painting paper, is just a kind of ordinary paper with moistening characteristics, since the 1980s, with the economic and market development came into being. Its main origin is Zhejiang Fuyang, Guangxi Du'an, Sichuan Jiajiang, Qian'an in Hebei and Anhui Jing County. At first, there are dragonfly straw, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, waste paper pulp and other raw materials of paper and calligraphy, the quality is uneven, and then gradually adopted by Hubei and Henan, produced by the Asparagus pulp raw materials.

Asparagus is a wild herbaceous plants, growing more in the hilly areas south of the Yellow River in China. Paper makers will be made of pure dried longan leaves pulp board, and then sold all over. Asparagus pulp process and straw, like, are broken, beating, bleaching, drying, etc., the machine flow operations. Slurry from the grass, just 2-3 days, into a simple process of pulp and after intensive treatment, miscellaneous cells, miscellaneous substances and more, will inevitably affect the paper.