The Classification Of Paper

- Feb 05, 2018-

Many varieties of paper, classification methods are not the same, there are three kinds of habits classification:

1, according to the mode of production is divided into handmade paper and mechanism paper.

Handmade paper to manual operation, the use of curtain frame, artificial fishing by Zhang Zhang made. Soft texture, strong water absorption, suitable for ink writing, painting and printing, such as China's rice paper. Its output accounts for a small proportion of the total output of modern paper. Mechanism paper refers to the mechanized production of paper collectively, such as printing paper, wrapping paper.

2, according to the thickness and weight of the paper into paper and cardboard.

There is no strict distinction between the two. Generally weighing 200g per square meter is called paper, the above is called cardboard. Cardboard paper production accounts for about 40 ~ 50% of the total, mainly for commodity packaging, such as cardboard boxes, cardboard and other packaging. Internationally, paper and cardboard are usually counted separately.

3, according to use can be divided into: packaging paper, printing paper, industrial paper, office, cultural paper, tissue and specialty paper.

Packaging paper: white paper, white cardboard, cardboard cattle, kraft paper, corrugated paper, cardboard, tea paper, sheepskin, chicken paper, cigarette paper, silicone paper, paper cups (bags) base paper, Lin Mozhi, cellophane , Anti-oil, moisture-proof paper, transparent paper, aluminum foil, trademarks, tag paper, fruit bag paper, black cardboard, color cardboard, double gray paper, gray paperboard;

Printing paper: coated paper, newsprint, light coated paper, light paper, Shuangjiao Zhi, writing paper, dictionary paper, book paper, Daolin paper, beige Daolin paper, Ivory Daolin paper;

Industrial paper (mainly refers to the special paper that has to be processed, written and packaged): release paper, carbon paper, insulating paper, filter paper, test paper, capacitor paper, platen paper, dust-free paper, impregnated paper, , Rust-proof paper;

Office, cultural paper: Tracing, drawing paper, copy paper, art paper, carbon paper, fax paper, printing paper, photocopy paper, photographic paper, rice paper, thermal paper, Caipen Zhi, film, paper;

Household paper: toilet paper, facial tissue, napkins, diapers, sanitary napkins, wipes paper;

Special paper: decorative base paper, water-based paper, leather paper, gold and silver cardboard, pattern paper, security paper.