Property Of Filter Paper

- Apr 30, 2018-

Choosing the right filter paper can be determined by considering the following four factors.

Hardness: The filter paper will become wet during filtration. Some long-term filtration experiments should consider the tougher filter paper after using wet water.

Filtration efficiency: The density and size of the pores on the filter paper affect its filtration efficiency. High-efficiency filter paper is fast and has high resolution.

Capacity: Solid particles accumulated during filtration may clog the pores on the filter paper. Therefore, the more dense the pores of water seepage, the higher the capacity of the pores. The more filtration filters are allowed.

Applicability: Some filter papers are manufactured using special manufacturing steps. For example, in test medicines for determining the nitrogen content in blood, nitrogen-free filter paper must be used.

Note that filter paper cannot filter zinc chloride, otherwise the filter paper will be corroded by zinc chloride