Production Method Of Airlaid Paper

- Apr 22, 2018-

Chemical bonding

The chemical bonding method uses 100% wood pulp fiber as a raw material, and the fibers that have been opened into a single fiber state are airlaid, and the water-soluble adhesive is sprayed onto the surface of the fiber web by a spray method, and then baked into a cloth. The main uses of the product are industrial wipes, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, tablecloths, wet wipes, and cooking cloths.

Thermal bonding

In the thermal bonding method, hot-melt fibers are mixed in the wood pulp fibers, and the mixing ratio is generally not less than 15%. After air-laid, the low-melting fibers in the web are melted by hot air or hot rolling to reinforce the fiber web into a cloth. . Thermal bonding non-woven fabrics contain no chemical adhesives and are more bulky and hygroscopic. They are mainly used as absorbent cores for high-absorbent hygiene products, and thin sanitary napkins for women. Based on this application, some production lines are equipped with an application device for high-absorbent resin (SAP) powder. Due to the addition of a polymer water-absorbing resin, water can become solid after absorbing water, which greatly improves its water absorption capacity.

In summary, although the clean paper is called paper, it is essentially a non-woven fabric.