Non-woven Bag Peritoneal Bag Waterproof And Wear-resistant And Environmentally Friendly

- May 03, 2018-

With the strengthening of residents' environmental awareness and policy orientation, plastic bags in shopping malls are now beginning to charge, and many people will remember to bring a sturdy, lightweight, non-woven shopping bag when they go shopping. At the same time many businesses have also printed their own brand LOGO bags from the previous plastic bags replaced by environmental protection non-woven bags, both the degree of beauty or degree of use than in the past have been greatly improved.

We have introduced advanced automatic computer color printing machines, lamination, compounding, slitting and other advanced machines, specializing in the production of non-woven peritoneal bags, non-woven bags, woven peritoneal bags, aluminized composite bags, laser film composite bags, food packaging Bags, in addition we can also provide bagging services to provide you with the most complete set of one-stop service (the company also provides silk screen services). For finished products and semi-finished products processing services, we will attract new and old customers with the best quality and best price to win more long-term cooperation.