How To Solve The Color Box Printing Plastic Problem

- Dec 07, 2017-

To control the corrugated box box glues do not open the plastic, the selection of the right paste box glue is crucial, paste box glue once the wrong, it will cause the entire batch of corrugated box open plastic. Selection of the basic principles of gluing glue is: according to the corrugated color box paper surface treatment methods are not the same choice of different glue. If the corrugated box of sticky mouth is usually the paper and the usual paper phase bonding, gluing box usually white latex can be used; if it is the paper and the film surface (including light film and dumb film) bonding "China Print Blue Book" When the paper box needs to use the paper plastic water, and also follow the different membrane materials and choose different paper plastic glue, such as PET or OPP film in the paste box should be selected when using a different paper and plastic glue; If it is the surface of paper and UV varnish bonding, gluing requires the use of UV glue; if it is paper and polished appearance bonding, gluing glue when the need for the use of paste. Layout drawing method. Handy craft paste or paste box slow printing equipment, should use the open moment (from glue and adhesive contact with the adhesive can not be free to move this period of time) long glue; automatic paste box or paste box speed, should be used Open a short time glue.