How To Judge Copy Paper

- Feb 05, 2018-

How to judge whether it is a really good copy paper? In fact, very simple, the first inspection of its appearance is smooth, delicate, uniform light transmission (ie, evenness); the second check its physical strength properties, indicating that the high tear, indicating that the higher transparency of the copy paper, indicating Its higher quality. Usually excellent copy paper to 17g / m2 of copy paper, for example, can usually reach up to 6-8 layers, extremely excellent up to 12 layers. Therefore, Imitation copy paper, in fact, for the tissue paper.

Tissue paper and copy paper

The market often appears as the sale of tissue paper as a copy of the paper, why this happens? Mainly for four reasons:

First, due to a large number of false copy paper impact copy paper market, resulting in a substantial decline in the price of copy paper, if the production of genuine copy paper, the manufacturer to lose 3000-5000 yuan / ton, so many domestic excellent enterprises are afraid to produce Real copy paper.

Second, is the tissue paper, but in order to obtain a good price, the name of the copy paper to sell, in order to obtain profits.

Third, due to the authority of individuals to copy paper as a thin typewriting paper, gave the manufacturer misleading.

Fourth, the copy paper National Standards 1911 revision missed two important indicators, namely, sizing degree and transparency, resulting in the production of copy paper standard factory had a misunderstanding. In fact, a variety of paper copy paper was born in Europe, the initial production of copy paper this variety of original intention is to produce a transparent paper (because at that time have not invented the drawing, tracing paper and photography, but no copy machine) . And then covered with such paper to copy, copy, copy and other works of art, calligraphy and painting, etc. Therefore, the transparency of copy paper is a direct impact on the quality of copy, imitation and reproduction Extremely important indicators, but for the missed set, and to the domestic paper industry has brought great misleading, at the same time, resulting in a large number of false copy paper drilled loopholes, open-minded use of inferior tissue paper as a copy of the impact of copy paper copy Paper market, without being hit by the quality supervision department, resulting in a substantial decline in copy paper prices. In fact, many people know that the production of paper is very difficult to copy paper varieties of paper, many people fake copy paper name to promote the sale of tissue paper is nothing more than just want to copy the high price of paper came in order to obtain high returns.