Do Not Have To Superstition PRIMARY Paper Towels

- Apr 10, 2018-

In recent years, the original color paper towels are popular, their colors are relatively yellow, and the words “pure color,” “no added,” “unbreakable,” are often printed on the packaging, and businesses claim to be more environmentally friendly and healthier. Although the original color paper towels are much higher in price, they are highly favored. In fact, the primary color paper towels themselves cannot be said to have much environmental protection, but production is relatively environmentally friendly.

The production of paper towels is to retort the raw materials into pulp, bleaching, screening, bleaching and purifying, and then sending them to the paper machine. After the papermaking is completed, the post-processing such as embossing is performed. The commonly used materials are wood pulp, straw pulp or waste pulp. The pulp mainly contains three substances of cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose. The higher the lignin content is, the darker the color is. Ordinary tissue lignin removal rate is high, the color looks more white; primary color yellow tissue paper because of high lignin content, not through the bleaching process, the environment is relatively small pollution, and can not be said that the tissue itself is environmentally friendly. Under normal circumstances, after the color paste is made into a paper towel, the color is sometimes uneven and needs to be balanced with the toner. The toner is a chemical dye, and therefore it is not reasonable to claim that the "pure color" is.

When you use a plain paper towel to wipe the water on your items or your hands, you will find that it is not “breakable” as the merchant says. Because of the high lignin content of genuine primary color paper towels, the interwoven fibers have a low degree of interweaving, the bonding force between fibers is reduced, and the hand feel and strength are even less than ordinary paper towels. “Not easy to break” is just marketing gimmicks. If the primary color paper towel has high toughness, it may be added with reinforcing agents, such as modified starch, polyacrylamide, formaldehyde resin, etc. Excessive use of such substances may cause some harm to the environment and health.

It is suggested that when choosing tissues, do not superstition “primary colors” and should pay attention to the composition of materials. In general, primary wood pulp is superior to straw pulp and waste pulp.