The role of baking paper and baking mat?

- Mar 26, 2018-

The role of baking paper and baking mat


Tools often used by individuals and strongly recommended are baking papers. However, it does not like rolls of baking paper because it can be easily rolled up and cut out inconveniently. It's more like to use cut-out baking paper, which can be found everywhere at the bakery store (or buy some from your favorite bakery). If baking sheets are used at home, a piece of baking paper can be cut into two pieces (a household baking dish is usually half the size of a professional baking dish).


Many people do not know that baking paper is siliconized, which makes it different from oiled or waxed paper. Silicon is heated to 71°C before it separates from the objects it comes in contact with, so if you want to To move the food above, it is best to spray oil on paper. Usually, you also need to sprinkle corn flour or semolina, in addition to the convenience of moving the dough, but also increase the surface texture of the bread is baked out. This is not necessary, nor is it necessary, nor does it mean that it is only necessary to make a particular bread, but it does make the fire bread more beautiful. ,


One of the biggest advantages of baking paper is that you can slide it and the dough directly onto the baking stone in the oven without having to pick up the dough from the proofing plate. This reduces the time when the dough is most fragile. The possibility of damage.


Baking paper is very useful when baking breads that need to be baked directly on the baking tray.