The knowledge of packaging paper

- Mar 28, 2018-

Packaging papers include kraft paper, chicken skin paper, paper bag paper, parchment paper, cellophane paper, tar paper, moisture-proof paper, gunpowder packaging paper, neutral packaging paper, translucent paper, rust-proof paper, greaseproof paper, food packaging paper, paraffin paper, Tea bag paper, red electric light gun paper, vacuum aluminum paper, composite paper and so on.

Paper used for packaging various goods. Generally have a higher physical strength and a certain degree of water resistance. According to the characteristics of the goods, packaging paper has the corresponding special properties of the packaging paper, the largest amount is the packaging of bulk powder and granular industrial and agricultural raw materials, such as cement, fertilizer and other paper bag paper, generally made of 3 to 4 layers of paper, It is also called multi-layer paper bag paper to distinguish it from other paper bags that pack lightweight products. This kind of wrapping paper mainly requires high strength, heavy load resistance, impact resistance, and proper air permeability. The largest variety of food packaging paper specifications. It is divided into two categories: inner packaging and outer packaging. The food that is directly in contact with food is called inner wrap, and it is mainly required to be clean, free from germs, and has the characteristics of moisture-proof, oil-proof, anti-adhesive and mold-proof. In order to beautify and protect the goods, the outer wrapping paper needs to be clean and beautiful except for a certain physical strength, which is suitable for printing multi-colored product patterns and characters. Packaging paper for liquid beverages such as milk and vegetable juices must also have excellent barrier properties. In order to be able to preserve and preserve freshness for a longer period of time, we have developed a special beverage flexible packaging paper with paper and metal film composites, paper and plastics, and metal films (see Food Packaging Containers). In order to meet the anti-rust needs of metal instruments and tools, rust-proof papers have been developed. Most of the paperboard is also used for the packaging of goods, mainly for the manufacture of cartons, cartons and packaging liners.