The knowledge of corrugated cardboard

- Feb 24, 2018-

According to the needs of commodity packaging, corrugated cardboard can be processed into single-sided corrugated board, three corrugated board, five, seven, eleven layers of corrugated cardboard. Single-sided corrugated board is generally used as a protective liner for the packaging of goods or the production of portable Cage, pad to protect the goods during storage and transportation shocks or collision, three and five corrugated board in the production of corrugated boxes common. Many products are packaged in simple, beautiful packaging on three- or five-layer corrugated cardboard, printed on the surface of corrugated boxes or corrugated boxes with beautiful and colorful graphics and images that not only protect the inner product, but also promote and beautify the inner commodity. Many three or five corrugated cardboard production corrugated boxes or corrugated boxes have been openly on the sales counter, has become a sales package. Seven or eleven layers of corrugated cardboard mainly for mechanical and electrical, tobacco, furniture, motorcycles, large appliances and other production crates. In a particular product, you can use this combination of corrugated board made of the inner and outer cases, easy to make, easy to dress, storage and transportation of goods. With the needs of environmental protection and the requirements of relevant state policies, the packaging of such corrugated paper products has gradually replaced the trend of wooden packaging.