Pulp and paper industry enzyme market prospects

- Apr 13, 2018-

Amylase: In 2016, the output value of amylase in pulp and paper industry exceeded US$45 million, which was mainly used in the deinking, coating, cleaning and sewerage industries in the cardboard production process. At the same time, the demand for paper smoothness in the printing industry has also increased the market demand for amylase.

Cellulase: In cellulosic enzymes industry in 2024, the output will exceed 3,500 tons. Cellulase is widely used in fiber optimization to help improve paper machine performance and reduce operational risk. With the popularization and application of cellulase, the use of strong alkali chemicals will gradually decrease.

Lipase: By 2024, the lipase market will grow by 6%. Lipase is widely used in the degreasing process of sulphite pulping. By removing the resin in pulp, the effect of resin deposition on paper quality is reduced.

Xylanase: In 2024, the production value of the xylanase industry will exceed US$35 million. Kraft pulp production has special requirements for whiteness, and Kraft pulping reduces the use of chemicals, which is the development of the xylanase industry. Provide opportunities.