In the face of environmental taxes, carton plants are more concerned about the reaction of paper mills

- Apr 09, 2018-

From January 1, 2018, the "Environmental Protection Tax Law of the People's Republic of China" was formally implemented and environmental protection tax was introduced simultaneously. As a new type of tax that is reported on a quarterly basis, the environmental protection tax has greeted the first levy of environmental protection tax in China since the beginning of April, and the implementation of a sewage discharge fee system for more than 30 years has become history.

Paper-making enterprises are actively paying attention to environmental taxes. The principle of the collection of environmental taxes is that enterprises pay more taxes in multiple rows, pay less tax and pay less taxes, and reduce pollutant emissions through tax adjustment. “The collection of environmental taxes is the trend of the times, and it also forces companies to increase their focus on cleaner production. The company will also increase its focus on environmental protection.”

Leading paper companies in Dongguan even mentioned in the company’s annual report the impact of environmental protection regulations. The government is more steadfast and strict in implementing environmental policies, and enforcement of environmental regulations has become more extensive and rigorous. The supply and demand relationship of the packaging paper industry will be Further improvement will help the market's profitability basically stable at a reasonable level.

Paper products companies respond calmly and care more about the reaction of paper mills

“The impact of the environmental protection tax is not so great in our view. The emphasis is on changing the sewage charges into environmental taxes.” Lin Qing, chairman of the Dongguan Paper Products Industry Association and chairman of Jiutai Paper Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., believes that for the paper industry, , The bulk is still discharged in the sewage.