Future Development of Watermark Paper

- Apr 02, 2018-

A new generation of special anti-counterfeiting papers - chromatographic information function paper has been put into the domestic market. Compared with watermarked paper, the product has obvious advantages in terms of function and price. At the same time, it overcomes the technical defects of the traditional watermark paper and will become a new generation of watermark paper. The anti-counterfeit feature of the chromatographic information function paper is to embed the chromatographic fiber or chromatographic security thread carrying the personalized information into the paper in the state of flow-through to form an anti-counterfeit paper with personalized features. Not only can you use “see” but you can also “tear” the chromatographic safety line or chromatographic fibers to further verify the authenticity. At the same time, chromatographic information function paper can also carry more information, providing support carriers and technology interfaces for query services and more value-added services.

According to Zhang Zheng, general manager of Jilin Sangyuan Science & Technology Co., Ltd., which owns the patented functional information of chromatographic information functional paper, this product is only an exclusive technology product, which has low cost, high manufacturing start-up threshold, simple identification, and imitation of printing. Paper production. This product is particularly suitable for mass security.

In contrast, the current mainstream market anti-counterfeit paper - watermark paper, due to the common technology, you can use the watermark ink to form a watermark-like watermark effect through printing, making its anti-counterfeiting effect advantage is no longer. Its imitation threshold is very low, and it has been widely abused in the falsification of watermark paper products such as documents, bills, certificates, and specifications.

Chromatographic information function paper can be applied to all applications of traditional watermarked paper. Its excellent cost performance and anti-counterfeit effect make the chromatography information function paper undoubtedly the first choice for watermark paper replacement products.