Food packaging

- Mar 30, 2018-

Since human society has been established, food packaging has followed it. As early as in the primitive society, people were the earliest food packaging prototypes for storing food and water, using various pottery baked with mud, sewing bags made of animal skins, weaving baskets with rattan. Modern food packaging refers to the use of appropriate packaging materials, containers and packaging techniques to wrap foods so that they maintain their value and original state during transport and storage. Food packaging is a system engineering centered on food. It involves a series of issues such as food science, food packaging materials, packaging containers, packaging technology, standard laws, and quality control. It is a comprehensive application science.

Food as a special commodity in our daily life, its nutrition and health is extremely important, but it is very easy to degenerate, so the main purpose of food packaging is to ensure that the food as a commodity in the process of storage and circulation of the sanitary quality and quality and flavor. Food packaging, as an add-on to a product, becomes an integral part of the product, and it is inseparable from the commodity, and it occupies a prominent position in modern market strategies. At the same time, as a major means of market competition, it can increase the added value of goods, it has become an important part of the company's marketing strategy, and it plays the role of a silent salesman in the supermarket. The image of food packaging directly reflects the brand and corporate image. It plays a crucial role in creating a famous brand and establishing a good corporate image. In the market competition, it is a bridge between enterprises and consumers. Therefore, food packaging competition plays a decisive role.

In addition, the introduction of a large number of foreign foods has enriched the domestic market. At the same time, it has also given us packaging designers a new topic. That is to pay more attention to design and to make the product structure more reasonable, so that people can fully enjoy the high-tech Comfort and convenience.