Classification of Corrugated Cardboard

- Apr 16, 2018-

According to different combinations, corrugated board can be divided into the following five types:

1. The paperboard consisting of a layer of core paper and psoriasis is called "Rugao Cardboard". The corrugated cardboard is generally used only for cushions, spaces and irregularly shaped objects.

2. The cardboard consisting of a layer of core paper and two layers of psoriasis is called "single hole cardboard".

Corrugated cardboard

3. Two-layer core paper is divided into three layers of psoriasis called "double pit cardboard." Double pit cardboard can be composed of pit papers with different pit widths and different paper qualities, such as "B" pit paper with "C" pit paper.

4. Three-layer core paper is divided into four layers of psoriasis called "three-hole cardboard".

5. Extra strong double cardboard is developed from single-deck cardboard. The middle layer of core paper consists of two thick core papers stacked on top of each other.

Fortunately, today we have been able to produce many different combinations of corrugated board with different qualities and strengths to meet the changing needs of the market.